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PoS and Masternodes

The ARTAX network is secured through Staking and Backend Encryption Cache Persistence(ECP). Artax uses incentivized Masternodes for services such as Instant transactions and Governance. Each node requires 2500 ARTX as collateral. They receive 80% of the PoS block rewards. 20% going to stakers. Random reward integer for Masternodes much like finding a block. ARTAX is the ying to BoxyCoin's yang.


ARTAX has the allowances for both I2P and Tor Integration. The ARTAX Encryption Cache Technology that is being developed, is being deployed through BoxyCoin - The sister coin to ARTAX. Once refined, ARTAX will integrate.


ARTAX uses high volume scrypt hashing to protect blockchain network. The idea of ARTAX is to re-purpose high-volume hashes in both ARTAX and BoxyCoin to integrate encryption cache persistence and node streamlining through one spectrum.



Release schedule is updated quarterly. Updated Whitepaper due on the 20th of February.

Artax Airdrop (100ARTX Per Masternode)
Boxy Masternode Launch

24th of Feb 2018

New Governance Interface for Masternode Proposals and Voting

10th of March 2018

Android Wallet Release with Masternode functionality.

25th of March 2018

Artax Platform Release

Deployment of Encryption Cache Persistence on Artax with Boxy Sister-Chain. Platform Announcement. Atomic Cross-Chain Swaps

Q2,Q3 2018

Boxy and Artax Integration

ARTAX ECP Storage and Exchange Protocol to go live, Streamed Services.

Q3, 2018

ARTAX Node Testing Phase

First ARTAX testing phase - on hosted servers to faciltate anonymous networking tx scaling.

Q4, 2018


Algorithm : Scrypt

Block time : 65 seconds

Block Reward : 20 ARTX 1st year | 10 ARTX from then on.

Proof Of Stake: 180% Masternode, 20% Coin stake [total 200%] (1st year) | 90% Masternode, 10% Coin stake [total 100%] (2nd year) | 45% Masternode, 5% Coin stake [total 50%] (thereafter)

Minimum Stake Age: 10 Hours

Transaction Confirmation: 10 Blocks

Difficulty Retarget: 10 Minutes

Masternode requirement :2500 ARTX

Masternode reward : 90% stake reward

Max coins :100,000,000 ARTX

Download the ARTAX wallets






Download ArtaxCore and Artax Wallet software for Windows.



Download the ArtaxCore Wallet software for Mac OS.



Download the ArtaxCore Wallet software for Linux.



Artax Wallet for Android - Coming Soon


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Frequently asked questions

While stakers are rewarded for providing security to the Artax blockchain, Masternodes are rewarded for validating and serving the blockchain. Also providing services, such as instant transactions, privacy and governance..

The budget and masternode governance system allows anyone to submit proposals to operators of masternodes, they in turn can vote yes or no. Those who get a majority yes vote are given funding to further improve the Artax ecosytem..

2500 ARTX is required as collateral to set up a masternode.

Staking by holding your coins in the wallet will be eligible after 10 hours. Only 1> ARTX is required to stake, but itís random and when a large amount of ARTX is being staked you need more coins to have a better chance of receiving a reward.

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